Privacy First Protection

We take your privacy seriously.

Tidyware, the makers of WorkerSafety Pro, LoneWorker Pro, FallSafety Pro, and FallSafety Home, is a privacy first company. That means we consider privacy a fundamental human right.
We design Health and Safety products to protect your privacy and give you control over your information. WorkerSafety Pro, LoneWorker Pro, and FallSafety Pro are robust, privacy first products.
These products put you first, keep your location private, and give you control of when location is shared during an emergency.
These products only share location in the event of an emergency; after a visual, audible, and haptic countdown reaches zero and the siren alarm sounds.
You may dismiss an automatic safety alert countdown at any time during the countdown.


For organizations and individuals at‑risk from man‑down and falls.​

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For organizations or individuals at‑risk while working alone and in locations without cell or Wi-Fi coverage.

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For organizations or individuals at-risk from worker-down, working without cell or Wi-Fi coverage, and falls.​

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10-day free trial and subscription service available.

Better Sound Management

The countdown and alarm sounds now stay at lower volumes if you lower the volume during the countdown.

The countdown alarm starts at ⅓ volume and goes up to full volume if a person doesn’t lower the volume during the countdown. Then, the siren alarm sounds at max volume if the person hasn’t lowered the volume, otherwise it plays at ⅓ volume.

WorkerSafety Pro arrives on Android

WorkerSafety Pro for Android was released to provide people who work alone the same great protection that we provide for iPhone and Apple Watch users. The newly released WorkerSafety Pro for Android provides multiple safety protocols to protect workers in the field, even if they are working alone

WorkerSafety Pro provides the most comprehensive and customizable Health and Safety solution for Android today. Advanced safety protocols protect people from environmental, health, and social dangers and risks.

• The ultimate combination of safety protocols for the workplace
• Safety protocols include Scheduled Check-Ins, Panic Button, Worker Down Detection, and Fall Detection
• Enhances existing safety protocols and safety best practices
• Supports a safer and more productive workplace
• Designed for organizations with regional offices and field workers
• Trusted by energy, aerospace, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, medical, and many other industries
• Safety directors enjoy the online dashboard with easy to use tools and reports

WorkerSafety Pro protects you, your employees, and your contractors.

• Set up one or hundreds of accounts in minutes
• Runs effortlessly in the background
• Automatically alerts emergency contacts by group or team
• Emergency contacts alerted by voice message, text message, and email
• Provides local emergency services phone numbers to emergency contacts located in different regions
• Useful in areas where Wi-Fi and/or cell phone services are unreliable or unavailable
• Helpful organization resources are available at

Thank you ActiveDay Participants

When we started our industry leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) Fall Detection, we needed people to help us gather movement information for a variety of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). This helps us know what normal activity is for a variety of people. Our Research and Development team put together our ActiveDay app for exactly this purpose. After running the ActiveDay app for four years, along with people who volunteer to share selected data from our four Health and Safety apps, we now have a regular stream of useful movement data meeting our goal of continuous improvement.

With the many improvements made to our four Health and Safety apps, including allowing people to opt in to share data from their iPhone, Android phone, and Apple Watch, we are now closing our research only app called ActiveDay. A big thank you to all our research participants! We appreciate you helping us improve our automatic fall detection.

Thank you,

The Team at Tidyware

All-Clear option for Emergency Contacts

Using the dashboard, individuals and organization administrators can now change the status of an alarm from “Open” to “All-Clear”.