Cross-Industry Solutions

Our complete integrated suite of connected personal and workplace safety, health, and wellness solutions offer possibilities across industries to support your corporate customers, employees, subscribers, and assets.

Enterprise Security Monitoring

Personal Safety

Provide discrete market-leading devices and mobile applications to protect your customers every day from social, physical and emotional risk. Our wholesale solutions help monitor individual safety and can alert contacts or professional monitoring when needed.

  • Discrete panic buttons and easy-to-use apps provide 2-way communication, geolocation and fall detection.
  • Pre-integrated to professional monitoring center with highly trained teams to immediately connect to emergency dispatch 24/7
  • AI-supported call handling to provide context and the fastest response times in the market
  • Proactive engagement initiated with shifts in behavioral patterns and automated check-ins
  • Create added value for your channels and highlight opportunities for growth through data insights

Contact us today to hear how our solutions protect and support:

  • Seniors (mPERS)
  • Caregivers
  • Students
  • Veterans
  • Realtors
  • And Families everywhere


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Enterprise Security Monitoring

We provide commercial and residential wholesale security monitoring services for organizations and their customers that save lives and protect property around the clock. Our advanced, customizable technology combined with our highly skilled, caring operators enable us to respond quickly and accurately to signals from any connected system or device. With Becklar’s comprehensive wholesale security monitoring solution, you will enjoy:

  • Pre-built integrations with loT devices and third-party fire and burglary systems through our rich API library
  • 24/7 Five Diamond Certified premium monitoring services
  • AI-supported technology to deliver the fastest response times in the market
  • Advanced customer engagement platform to improve customer service, retention, and peace of mind
  • Data insights based on millions of interactions to drive better business decisions


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Workforce Safety

Flexible, end-to-end solutions that protect people who work alone, at height or in dangerous work environments with a dedicated device and/or app BYOD. Reduce your corporate risk by providing health and safety tools for employees that meet or exceed OSHA regulations.

  • Provide protection through desired channel including dedicated IoT device, mobile app or Apple Watch
  • Connect to corporate call center or pre-integrated professional monitoring center with highly trained teams
  • Advanced AI to help streamline emergency responses
  • Engagement platform to support proactive & reactive safety protocols such as automated check-ins, fall detection, heat stress, geofencing, panic button and more
  • Rich data insights based on millions of interactions to help predict and prevent incidents before they occur


Sophisticated solutions for Workforce Safety   Visit Becklar Workforce Safety

Connected Wellness

Becklar provides a monitored, proactive ecosystem that connects people, systems and devices to promote safety and wellness. Data gathered from devices, applications and customer interactions deliver insights, helps predict incidents before they occur and supports better health and safety.

Wellness Checks & Engagement

Proactive multichannel engagement platform to support better health, wellness and safety. The platform uses innovative AI to enhance subscriber experience and supplement services provided by care professionals. Targeted interactions (such as “how are you feeling today?”) can be scheduled based on need, and combined with insights derived from devices, applications and customer interactions to help prevent incidents before they occur.

  • Integrated with smart phones or multipurpose connected devices and applications that protect users and gather critical information such as location, movement metrics, fall detection and facilitate 2-way communication
  • Seamlessly integrated with professional monitoring with caring operators when needed
  • Innovative machine learning and AI to help predict & prevent incidents base on millions of interactions
  • Proactive and reactive engagement including out-of-the-box wellness questions and workflows decreasing time-to-market
  • Provide instant insights to current wellbeing using health trends and benchmarks using data analytics


Engagement Improves Outcomes

Connectivity Hub for Remote Patient Monitoring

Extensible monitoring and engagement capabilities to enhance Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solutions. Multi-purpose, cost effective personal connectivity hub can easily integrate with medical devices, care management platforms and clinical call centers to streamline the capture and processing of patient vitals. Drive improved patient engagement for better program results with proactive 2-way communication, patient outreach and superior ease of use.

  • Personal Connectivity Hub easily integrates with existing systems and medical devices
  • Open APIs streamline integration with care management platforms and clinical call centers
  • Automated call handling for faster and personalized service
  • Proactive and reactive multichannel communications help improve engagement with reminders and vitals anomaly alerts
  • Actionable insights based on robust, secure data platform to help improve patient care


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