to your
Corporate Customers

We bring together state-of-the-art technologies, powered by our expertise, scale, and innovation, so you can offer enterprise and individual connected safety solutions as a differentiated value-add to your corporate customers.

Our Solutions Enable You To:

Deliver value-add
safety and well-being
Easily implement
integrated connected
safety solutions
Further embed
your technology
Increase customer
loyalty and
Provide data
insights for
your customers

Deliver Value, Safety & Well-Being Solutions

Our customizable solutions:
  • Connect your customer's employees by monitoring their health and safety at work
  • Reduce employee anxiety with real-time monitoring solutions
  • Decrease corporate risk and liability
  • Improve customer operations and productivity
  • Minimize operational downtime through incident prevention
  • Protect your customers’ assets and employees by monitoring work and property safety
Deliver peace of mind to your customers

2020 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends, 80% said that worker well-being was important or very important for company success over the next 12 to 19 months.

Easily Implement Integrated Connected Safety Solutions

We bring together flexible technologies so you can offer customizable solutions to your corporate customers. Get a complete end-to-end solution with our IoT devices and engagement platform, AI services and monitoring that are pre-integrated to get you up and running quickly and cost-effectively or select the technologies or services that best meet your objectives.

CEOs report that the #1 area they will commit to investing in is digital capabilities ~ Gartner

Further Embed Your Technology Ecosystem

Expand the breadth and depth of your offerings to 1) increase topline revenue, 2) demonstrate thought leadership through expertise, innovation and differentiated services, and 3) increase sales of your products and services.

Our complete, integrated platform of services is easily customizable to further embed your technology ecosystem to meet your customer’s needs.

“To be relevant in subscription and consumption models through marketplaces, distributors with deep industry expertise must reorganize themselves to aggregate, facilitate, and orchestrate ecosystems of value creation.” ~ Forrester

Increase Customer Loyalty & Retention

Become an essential partner to your customers and attract new ones by providing innovative new solutions to help:

• Demonstrate commitment to their future success
• Increase frequency and usage of your products and services
• Maximize your long-term growth opportunities

3 Reasons Why Businesses Invest in Customer Experience

Provide Data Insights for Your Customers

Allow your customers to mine data for valuable insights on:

  • Corporate risk
  • Health and safety
  • Employee satisfaction and retention
  • Productivity and continuity of service

Help your customers understand patterns and improve business by providing:

  • Health risk assessments
  • Personal safety assessments
  • Security risk assessments

Forrester Research reveals that companies with a data-driven strategy are 140% more likely to achieve a more sustainable competitive advantage while 78% are more likely to improve revenue.

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