Change to FallSafety monitoring schedule

March 15th, 2016
FallSafety monitoring schedule change We want to let you know about an upcoming change to FallSafety.

Fall Monitoring Schedule

FallSafety currently does active monitoring for falls on a weekly schedule for the hours set by an individual or organization administrator. While this method has worked for some, it does have issues for teams of people working on different or flexible schedules.

Pause Fall Monitoring

We are changing FallSafety so it is always monitoring for falls except for when it is manually paused. Manually pausing FallSafety temporarily stops fall detection for a selected period of time.

Battery Usage and Location Information

FallSafety battery usage does not significantly change with the new approach to determine when monitoring is active. Both approaches use approximately the same amount of battery. Also, as usual, location information is only shared in the event of a fall. The scheduled monitoring and manually paused monitoring approaches both have no affect on how and when location is shared. Fall alarms are the only time location information is shared.


We realize that you may have feedback on how this change affects you, your team, or your business. Please share your thoughts with us by sending an email to

Before Change (how scheduled monitoring used to work)

Fall Safety fall alarm weekly scheduleFall Safety fall alarm monitoring settings

After Change (how scheduled monitoring will work)

Fall Safety fall alarm active Fall Safety fall alarm pause Fall Safety fall alarm inactive