FallSafety Year in Review

Our Apple Watch Fall Detection shipped in September to help protect people at work and at home. Apple Watch Series 2, 3, and 4 are supported. We are now ready to take our industry leading fall detection to more devices.

FallSafety Apple Watch alerts and alarms protect people from more than falls. We also support heart rate monitoring. See our powerful Apple Watch solutions for how they connect people with help when they need it.

New worker safety and iPhone personal safety apps were released throughout the year, with more safety protocols and capabilities. WorkerSafety Pro, LoneWorker Pro, and FallSafety Home joined FallSafety Pro for the benefit of people working in large organizations or working alone including health care professionals.

The FallSafety dashboard was upgraded to make central management of thousands of users in a multi-tiered hierarchical organization easier and faster. The Dashboard makes quick work of onboarding, management, and safety monitoring for organizations.

New safety functionality named “Scheduled Check-Ins” protects people even when they are offline. This allows remote workers and people in areas with poor or no internet connectivity to remain protected throughout the day. Companies appreciate knowing that their employee safety is being checked throughout the day.

Android FallSafety Pro safety app improvements were released too including worker down (man down) detection and a Send for Help (panic) button.

As we enter 2019, we look forward to protecting more people at work and at home as well as helping companies reduce risk. We have now provided over 2.5 million hours of safety monitoring.

To learn more, contact us at info@fallsafetyapp.com.

WorkerSafety Pro protects employee safety at Alinta’s Wagerup gas plant

Employees at Alinta Energy’s Wagerup power station, 124km south of Perth, will be the first in Australia to receive iPhones loaded with a new safety application, WorkerSafety Pro, to help detect falls or worker down, manage safety check-ins, provide GPS location and direct assistance in an emergency.

Every year the West Australian electricity, gas, water and waste services industries record around 550 work related lost time injuries and diseases. While falls in the industry are infrequent, the severity of these incidents has worsened since 2012-13[1].

Jeff Ey, who oversees operations at Alinta Energy’s Wagerup power station said part of the difficulty in reducing the severity of the incidents is monitoring and responding to issues that occur when people are working alone or in remote locations.

“If someone is working at our plant alone at night, they are required to check in every hour via text. However, if they have a fall one minute into that hour, we may not be able to detect an issue for at least another 59 minutes – which is a very long time in an emergency.”

“That’s why we went looking for innovative technologies to help monitor our employees’ safety and alert us and emergency services if something goes wrong,” he said.

Jeff reached out to several solution providers, and started a discussion with U.S. company Tidyware, the makers of WorkerSafety Pro. Their health & safety system connects at-risk workers, employers and emergency response providers through its patent-pending software platform that uniquely leverages the sensors in iPhones and Android phones.

“I think the technology is great; and it’s nice to see it being used for more sophisticated applications than counting steps. We can use it for people working in high-risk work environments, for what’s called journey management (when our employees check-in while they’re travelling), or for fall safety,” he said.

Founder and CEO of Tidyware (www.tidyware.com), Philip Carmichael, said his company believes that pairing WorkerSafety Pro with smartphones provides an easy way to better protect workers and achieve higher uptake and lower costs for employers.

“Past safety technologies have required workers to manage and carry extra devices, in addition to their tools and phone. Smartphone hardware is now more sophisticated. Combined with our safety system, we can offer a much more powerful and meaningful application for the workplace than simply health and fitness. No other solution can provide the level of enhanced safety through detection, monitoring and response time,” said Carmichael. “We are pleased to work with a company like Alinta, who makes it a priority to protect their employees with smart technology that can improve safety protocols.”

Alinta Energy is considering WorkerSafety Pro for additional generation sites.

See Alinta staff stay connected with personal safety app for article.

Media contact
Julian Polachek, 0403 590 339, julian.polachek@alintaenergy.com.au

[1] Government of Western Australia Department of Mines Industry Regulation and Safety WorkSafe, 2017, Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services Industry Profile (ANZSIC2006) Work Related Lost Time Injuries and Diseases in WA 2011-12 to 2015-16, https://www.commerce.wa.gov.au/sites/default/files/atoms/files/03_utilities_2017.pdf

Apple Watch Companion App

FallSafety Fall Detection for Apple Watch

The safety app that can save your life

The Apple Watch is cutting edge and now Tidyware has put it to work as part of a fall detection solution. FallSafety Pro for Apple Watch gives convenient access to the paired iPhone running FallSafety Pro that is carried in a pocket or harness pouch to detect falls. The Apple Watch FallSafety app gives you easy access as an extension to the paired iPhone running FallSafety Pro.

Fall Monitoring

FallSafety Pro watches your back when you are at height, while at work or doing projects around the house. The delightfully animated “fall guy” verifies that your monitoring system is active on your phone.


Apple Watch fall monitoring

Fall Detection

Falls can cause head injuries that require a rapid response to prevent possible fatality. Since these often make a person unable to seek help, because they may be unconscious or have a concussion, fall monitoring can save their life.

When a fall is detected, a timer will appear on the watch face, counting down to a call for help.


Apple Watch fall detection

Fall Alarm

With an Apple Watch you can conveniently dismiss the fall detected countdown timer using its lightweight interface. If you don’t do this within 45 seconds of a detected fall the app will automatically notify emergency contacts that you need help, and will also sound an audible alarm on the phone to alert anyone nearby.


Apple Watch fall alarm


With FallSafety Pro for iPhone, and the companion FallSafety Pro for Apple Watch app acting as a remote control, you can improve your safety best practices by using the FallSafety Pro iOS fall detection solution.